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Travelling can often take up a lot of time planning and organising so we’re always looking for ways to make it easier. We’ve put together a list of the best travel hacks from saving money on your bookings to packing more efficiently.

1. Browse On Private Browsing Windows

If you aren’t already doing this then we suggest you do it immediately. Always browse for your flights on private browsing windows to ensure you’re saving as much money as possible. 

2. Create More Space In Your Luggage

The best way to pack your clothes is to roll them up rather than fold them. This will create more room in your luggage and makes it easier to see where things are.

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3. Organise With Packaging Cubes

To minimise the stress of packing we recommend using packing cubes to organise your belongings and make it easier to find them when you arrive at your destination. 

4. Luggage That’s Easy To Move Around

Always pack your heaviest items near the wheels of your luggage to make it easier to carry and move around.

5. Avoiding Overweight Luggage

Speaking of heavy items, to avoid overweight luggage, wear your heavy clothes and shoes onto the plane. If you’re feeling too hot just wear layers and then you can adjust to the temperature by adding or removing layers.

If you have check in luggage you’ll know the all too familiar fear as you watch your bags disappear down a belt to hopefully appear safe and sound at your destination airport. Here are some of the best ways you can ensure your luggage doesn’t get damaged along the way. 

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6. Never Have Water or Liquid Damaged Luggage Again

Waterproof your baggage using a bin liner on the inside. Make sure there are no large holes in your bin liner. There is nothing worse than arriving in your hotel to open your bags and find your clothes wet before you’ve even started your holiday.

7. Label It Fragile For Safety

Mark your baggage as fragile to stop it being roughed around on its journey and it means it will be the first bag to come off the plane. 

Travelling always involves a lot of very important documents and the last thing you need is to accidentally lose them or have them stolen. 

8. Scan & Email Documents

Scan your passport and email yourself a copy, and save it in a travel folder with all your other travel documents like your itinerary, hotel reservations and tour bookings in your inbox. Some of you will need to show or help Mum and Dad with this process.

9. Trick the Pick-Pocketers

Use a dummy wallet to trick pick-pocketers. Keep your real one in a hard-to-reach place where no one would think to look. 

Holidays are great but before you get to the good part you often have to sit for an extended period of time on some form of transport. Whether it’s a plane, train or car, you’ll find yourself reaching your destination with a few aches. 

10. Pack A Massage Ball

This small but handy travel hack will relieve you of pain quickly and easily.

11. Compression Socks For Comfort

Wear compression socks on trips where you will be seated for a long time to avoid swelling in your feet and legs. Accommodation is very important to a holiday and can make or break your trip. You may not intend on spending a lot of time in your hotel, but you will still spend your down time sleeping and getting ready there. 

12. Research and Discover Your Location

Do your research and look for what’s around the hotel. If you want to see particular tourist attractions or the best kept secrets look for their proximity so you can avoid unnecessary additional costs on transport.

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13. Uninterrupted Sleep

Use coat hanger clips to keep your curtains shut to ensure your sleep isn’t interrupted by the sun shining through.

14. Wrinkle-Free Clothing

Get rid of wrinkles in your clothes without having to iron them. Hang your clothes in the bathroom and the steam from your shower will have them looking nice and creaseless.

Once you’re ready to explore your destination it’s always important that you’re adequately prepared.

15. The Do’s and Don’ts In Your Holiday Spot

It might seem like we’re suggesting you to research a lot, but in this day and age with everything available online, it would be silly not to. Always research the country you’re visiting and understand generally what is socially and legally accepted. A quick search online will tell you the most common rules you need to be aware of to avoid ruining your holiday with legal issues or confrontations with locals.

All good things must come to an end, and when it’s time to head back home there are a few things you can do so that your holiday can end on a high.

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16. Organise Those Memories For Future Use

Create folders for your photos on your phone. We’re all guilty of taking hundreds of photos on our trips and then never looking at them again. During your flight, car or bus ride back home, spend some time organising your gallery so that all your photos will be easy to find. You will be more likely to look at them again, possibly even get them printed and when you want to post them on your social media you can find them easily.

17. Beat The Smell And Open Your Luggage

Unpacking is usually the worst part of the holiday. It can get messy and take longer than it needs to. If you stick to the rule of opening your luggage as soon as you’re home then you’ve already over come the hardest step. Open your luggage and take out any shoes and dirty laundry straight away. This will ensure that anything else left in your luggage wont end up smelling bad.

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If you follow these travel hacks, you’ll find yourself saving money, time and headaches. When you look for your accommodation, make sure you check out the StayWell hotels to really ensure your holiday goes smoothly.