Seibu Prince Global Rewards App Terms of Use

The Seibu Prince Global Rewards App Terms of Use (the "Terms") set out the terms and conditions concerning the Seibu Prince Global Rewards App (the "App"), a smartphone application operated and provided by Seibu Prince Hotels Worldwide Inc. (the "Company") and the processing of information obtained.

The user of the App (the "App User") shall be deemed to have agreed to the Terms by downloading, installing, or using the App.

In the event that the App User uses the functions and services for members of the Seibu Prince Club operated by Seibu Holdings Inc., the "Seibu Prince Club Member Terms and Conditions" (including "Special Terms of the Seibu Prince Global Reward" and other special terms attached to the "Seibu Prince Club Member Terms and Conditions" for the service programme offered to Seibu Prince Club members by the Company; the same shall apply hereinafter.).

*Seibu Prince Club Member Terms and Conditions:

*Special Terms of the Seibu Prince Global Reward:

Article 1 Information on the App

The Company does not guarantee the accuracy, currency, usefulness, or any other aspect of the information published in the App. The Company may, at its discretion, add, change, or delete the information published in the App, or change, suspend or discontinue all or part of the contents of the services provided.

Article 2 Services and Provision

The Company shall provide the following functions and services to the App Users in the App:

(1)    Application for membership of the Seibu Prince Club;

(2)    Accumulation, use and balance check of points (for Seibu Prince Club members only);

(3)    Reservation to use the facilities operated by the Company and its domestic and overseas subsidiaries and affiliates, as well as hotels, golf courses and other facilities under the Seibu Prince Hotels & Resorts brand (collectively the "Seibu Prince Hotels & Resorts");

(4)    Provision of various information and coupons (discounts, prizes) relating to Seibu Prince Hotels & Resorts.

Unless otherwise stipulated, the Company shall provide the App to the App User free of charge. However, the App Users shall procure the devices and equipment necessary for using the App, and shall bear the communication charges necessary for website browsing, push notifications and other use of the App.

3.    Coupons and other services provided by the App may not be used by anyone other than the App User.

4.    The App User shall manage and use the information registered when using the App (the "Registered Information"; this includes e-mail addresses, IDs, passwords, etc.) under his/her own responsibility.

5.    The App User shall notify the Company without delay if any unauthorised use of the Registered Information by a third party is discovered, and the App User shall bear the costs of any damage or other disadvantage caused by the App User's breach of the preceding two paragraphs or any other Terms and the use of the App by a third party.

6.    The App User shall notify the Company in the manner prescribed by the App without delay in the event of any changes to the content of the Registered Information.

7.    The personal data of the App Users obtained through the App shall be processed in accordance with the "Privacy Policy" (for Seibu Prince Club members, the "SEIBU PRINCE CLUB Privacy Policy" in addition to this Privacy Policy).

*SEIBU PRINCE CLUB Privacy Policy:

*Privacy Policy:

Article 3 Copyright

The Company or the rights holders who have authorised the Company of the use have intellectual property rights such as copyright, rights of use and other rights regarding the system and programme of the App and the information, design, layout, logos, characters, trademarks, etc., published in the App. Please do not reproduce, divert, etc. without the permission of the rights holders. Any issues caused by the reproduction, diversion, etc. by the App User without the permission of the rights holder shall be resolved at the App User's responsibility and expense.

Article 4 Linked Websites from the App

The contents of any websites of a third party other than the Company that are linked to the App application (the "Linked Websites") is managed under the responsibility of the respective companies and the use of the Linked Websites shall be in accordance with the terms of use stipulated by the respective websites.  The Company accepts no liability for the content of Linked Websites or for any damage resulting from the use of such websites.

Article 5 Disclaimer

1.    The Company does not guarantee the operation of the App on the device, its suitability for the device, or its safety (such as occurrence of errors, etc., correction of problems at occurrence and intrusion of computer viruses or other harmful substances into the App or server).

2.    The use of the App shall be at the risk of the App User and the Company shall not be liable for damage compensation or any other liability in the event of any of the following damage:

(1) Damage caused by the use of or inability to use the content on the App, except in the case of willful misconduct or gross negligence by the Company;

(2) Accidental damage caused by the carelessness of the App User, such as operating the App or focusing on the screen while driving a vehicle or walking;

(3) Damage caused by additions, changes or deletions of information published on the App, or the interruption or discontinuation of the service or the App in whole or in part, except in the case of willful misconduct or gross negligence by the Company;

(4) Damage caused by the use of various types of information obtained from Linked Websites;

(5) Damage caused by malfunction, loss, theft or other accidents of software, devices etc., contamination by computer viruses, or loss or damage of data when using the App;

(6) Damage caused by troubles between the App Users or between the App Users and other third parties; and/or

(7) Damage caused by the App User's breach of Article 6 or any other breach of the Terms.

Article 6 Prohibitions

The App User shall not perform the following acts when using the App:

(1) Using the App for any purpose or in any way other than to use the service content provided by the Company to the App Users;

(2) Using the App for business or commercial purposes, etc. beyond the scope of personal use;

(3) Perform any act that interferes or may interfere with the operation of the App (or the servers and networks connected to the App);

(4) Using the App by impersonating a third party;

(5) Duplicating, altering, modifying or adapting the coupons and other information obtained from the App;

(6) Allowing a third party to use, transfer or lend the Registered Information of the App, such as coupons obtained from the App;

(7) Infringing or threatening to infringe the credit, copyright, trademarks and other intellectual property rights, privacy rights, portrait rights, honour or other rights of the Company or any third party;

(8) Transferring, lending or disposing of the device on which the App is registered to a third party without deleting the App;

(9) Duplicating, altering, modifying or adapting the App (including the systems, programmes, etc. comprising the App);

(10) Engaging in any conduct that violates or may violate the law, public order and morals or the Terms; and/or

(11) Engaging in any other conduct that the Company deems inappropriate.

Article 7 Loss of Seibu Prince Club Membership and Seibu Prince Global Rewards Membership; Compensation for Damages

1.    If the App User is a Seibu Prince Global Rewards member and the Company determines that the App User is ineligible as a Seibu Prince Global Rewards member, due to the reasons such as a violation of the Terms by such App User, the App User shall forfeit any medals accumulated by the App User as a Seibu Prince Global Rewards member. Further, if the App User causes damage to the Company or a third party due to an act in breach of the Terms or an unauthorised or illegal act, the Company may claim compensation for damages from the App User concerned.

2     In the event of a violation of the Terms, the App User acknowledges in advance that, in addition to the preceding paragraph, he/she may lose his/her Seibu Prince Club membership and accumulated points in accordance with the Seibu Prince Club Membership Terms and Conditions.

Article 8 Termination of the App

If it becomes difficult to continue providing the App or for other unavoidable reasons, the Company may terminate the provision of the App in a manner determined by the Company after giving prior notice to the App Users.

Article 9 Exclusion of Anti-social Forces

1.    The App User shall use the App after representing and warranting to the Company that he/she is not a member of an organised crime group, an organized crime group-related company or group, any other anti-social forces, or its affiliate.

2.    If the App User violates the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the use of the App shall be temporarily or permanently suspended (revocation of membership).

Article 10 Acquisition of Historical Information

The Company may collect the following information from the App Users (the "Historical Information") and use such Historical Information for the purpose of improving the App, improving its convenience, considering new services related to the App and recommending content related to the App:

(1) Date and time of use of the App;

(2) Method of use of the App; and/or

(3) The environment in which the App is used (information such as location information where the App is used, OS type and version, browser type, mobile device model used, whether cookies and JavaScript are enabled).

This application incorporates Google Analytics provided by Google.

Google Analytics uses cookies to acquire, transmit, and store user information (app user ID, device information, and usage history of this app) without including personally identifiable information.

The Company will use the information acquired, transmitted and accumulated by Google Analytics to understand the usage status of this Application.

We will provide the user information described in this item to Google Inc. as a third party through Google Analytics.

We shall not be liable for any damage caused by Google Analytics.

The information acquired, transmitted and stored by Google Analytics will be managed in accordance with the terms of use of Google Analytics. Please refer to the following URLs provided by Google for the items of information acquired, transmitted, and stored by Google Analytics and the terms of use.

Overview of Google Analytics:

Google Analytics Terms of Service:

Article 11 Changes to the Terms

The Company may change, revise, or abolish the Terms (the "Changes"). The Changes of the Terms shall be notified by announcing the change of the Terms, the contents and effective date of the Terms after the change on the screen accessed from the "About App" section of the App's menu prior to the effective date of the Changes, and the Terms after the Changes, etc. shall apply as the latest version of the Terms on and after the effective date of the Changes.

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Article 12 Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The use of the App and the construction of the Terms shall be governed by the laws of Japan and the Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction in the first instance for resolution of any disputes arising in connection therewith.


1 April 2024