Seibu Prince Hotels & Resorts Website Policy

Seibu Prince Hotels & Resorts website ("the Website") is operated by Seibu Prince Hotels Worldwide Inc. ("the Company") for the purpose of providing information on the services and other information on the Company, its subsidiaries and affiliates in Japan and abroad, and the companies that manage or operate hotels, golf courses and other facilities under the Seibu Prince Hotels & Resorts brand ("Seibu Prince Hotels & Resorts").

Please read the following policy carefully before using the Website.

1.               Scope of Use

The information published on the Website is protected by copyright held by Seibu Prince Hotels & Resorts and third parties. Any use or exploitation of the information beyond personal use or other legally permitted use is prohibited unless prior written consent of Seibu Prince Hotels & Resorts has been obtained.

2.                Links to the Website

1.   As a general rule, linking to the Website is free if it is not for commercial purposes. However, when linking to the Website, text links must always be used (the use of the Website's logo as a link banner by the customer is prohibited without the prior written consent of the Company), and an arrangement must be made so that the Website will be displayed in a separate window and not displayed in the same frame as the linked website.

Links from the following types of websites are strictly prohibited:

  • Websites that are offensive to public order and morals;
  • Websites that slander or defame specific individuals or organisations, or have the potential to do so;
  • Websites that charge users for accessing the Website via a link;
  • Websites that may damage the reputation of Seibu Prince Hotels & Resorts;
  • Other sites that the Company deems inappropriate.

Even if the Company has granted permission for a link, we reserve the right to withdraw permission for a link if we determine such permission is inappropriate due to circumstances discovered after the link was granted. Please note that the links to individual pages may disappear without notice due to changes in the site structure or server configuration. We appreciate your understanding in advance.

2.   The Website may contain links to third-party websites. Please note that the Company provides such links only as a convenience and is not responsible for the content of the linked sites. When using linked sites, please observe their rules of use.

3.                Prohibitions

In addition to the preceding paragraph, the following acts or conducts are prohibited when using the Website:

  1. Conducts that are or may be offensive to public order and morals;
  2. Criminal acts or acts that lead or may lead to criminal acts;
  3. Conducts that infringe or may infringe the property or privacy of third parties, the Website or Seibu Prince Hotels & Resorts;
  4. Conducts that cause or may cause disadvantage or damage to third parties, the Website or Seibu Prince Hotels & Resorts;
  5. Conducts that defame or damage the reputation or credibility of third parties, the Website or Seibu Prince Hotels & Resorts;
  6. Conducts that make false declarations or notifications;
  7. Conducts that use or provide or may use or provide harmful programs;
  8. Conducts for the purpose of business activities or profit-making, or conducts in preparation for such activities;
  9. Conducts that are not in compliance; and/or
  10. Any other acts that the Company deems inappropriate.

4.               Operation, Suspension and Modification of the Website

  1. The operation of the Website shall be carried out at the specified times set by the Company.

 2. The operation of the Website may be temporarily suspended or discontinued without prior notice for the following reasons:

  • Maintenance, inspection and renewal of equipment and systems necessary for the operation of the Website;
  • Failure or malfunction of equipment or systems due to natural disasters, calamities, accidents, etc.; or
  • Other cases where the Company deems it necessary to suspend the operation of the Website.The Company shall not be liable for any damage resulting from the temporary suspension or discontinuation of the Website.

3. The Company may make changes to the Website by notifying in a prescribed manner such as public announcement on the Website.  

4. The Company shall not be liable for any damage resulting from such changes.

5.               SSL

The Website introduces SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption technology on pages where personal data is input so that customers can input personal data with confidence. The input data is encrypted on your computer before it is transmitted through the network to the computer on which the data will be registered.         

6.               Recommended Browsers

The following browsers are recommended for comfortable use of the Website. In the production of the Website, every effort has been made to ensure that the appearance of the Website is not affected or information is not missing depending on the environment you are using.  However, some older browsers may display the Website differently from its design. We recommend that you use a newer browser if possible, so that you can use the services provided by the Website more reliably.

Latest versions of Chrome, Safari, Edge and FireFox.

7.               Recommended Devices

Windows 10 and above

macOS 10.15 and above

iOS 13 and above

Android 8 and above

The Website may not displayed properly on some of the latest operating systems.

8.               Use of Google Analytics and Cookies

This website uses Google Analytics to analyze the history of your visits to our website, and uses data collected, recorded, and analyzed by Google. Google Analytics uses cookies to collect logs that do not contain personally identifiable information. The logs collected are managed in accordance with Google's privacy policy.

In addition, this site has enabled the advertising-oriented features of Google Analytics and introduced reporting features for user distribution and interest categories, and combines Google Analytics cookies with third-party cookies for advertising to analyze your age group, gender, interests, and other information, We use Google Analytics cookies and third-party cookies for advertising to analyze your age group, gender, interests, and more.

To prevent data about your site activity from being sent to Google Analytics, you can use the Google Analytics opt-out add-on, or you can change your browser settings to disable cookies (so that cookies are not stored) to prevent these You can reject log collection by changing your browser settings and disabling cookies (i.e., not storing cookies). However, disabling cookies may prevent you from using some of the features of this site.

Google Analytics Terms of Use:

Google's privacy policy:

Use by Google of information collected from sites and applications that use Google services:

Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on:

9.               Plug-ins

The Website contains contents that use PDF files. These contents can be used by installing the following plug-in software. If you do not have plug-in software, you can download it from the following websites:

Adobe Reader: Software for displaying PDF files. <Download link:>

10.               JavaScript and Style Sheets

Some services on the Website use JavaScript and style sheets. When using these services, please switch on JavaScript in your browser. If you are using a recommended browser, you can enable JavaScript and style sheets by changing the browser settings.

11.               Protection of Personal Data

We may ask you to provide us with your personal data on the Website and use such personal data to provide services to you. In such cases, the customer's personal data is processed in accordance with the Privacy Policy

12.               Disclaimer

The Website shall be operated at the prescribed times set by the Company.

Although every care is taken concerning the information on the Website, the Company does not guarantee the usefulness, accuracy or safety (including the absence of errors, proper operation of each function at all times, correction of problems at occurrence, the absence of computer viruses and other harmful items in the Website and server) of the contents of the information.  Furthermore, the Company shall not be liable for any damage arising from the use of the Website or from the availability or non-availability of the Website.

13.               Governing Law and Court of Jurisdiction

The use of the Website and the interpretation and application of the special terms and conditions of use shall be governed by the laws of Japan, unless otherwise specified.  Unless otherwise specified, the Tokyo District Court shall be the court of exclusive jurisdiction for the first instance for all disputes relating to the use of the Website.

1 April 2024